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Worship Life


Yes, most Christians worship God at church with church “folks” on Sundays... or whichever day you worship. However, your worship is much more useful to God outside church walls in your Monday thru Saturday dealings with the rest of God’s world! Every Christian should assertively refer to him or herself as a “worshipper” and feel comfortable doing so as one matures in Christ. But the question which doesn’t receive nearly enough attention is this: “What exactly is worship?”

If you’ve ever asked such a question, this book is for you! Gerard delves into a study of what it means to worship God in a way which perhaps you've never encountered before. The goal of this writing is to reintroduce the concept of worship separating it from the dogmatic, exterior-based exercise that past generations have portrayed it to be. This book will teach how singing, music, clothing, jargon, dancing, lighting or even double doctorate degrees in divinity and theology do not earn one the title “worshipper”. Worship of the Living God incorporates more than anything external. It is a RELATIONSHIP that must become as important to the Christian as every other relationship you currently maintain… and then more important!

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